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Medicare Under Threat Part 1: Beware of "public-private partnerships"
Description: 2-page illustrated leaflet explaining the creeping, insidious privatization of Canada's public health care system through "public-private partnerships".
Date: 2003

Medicare Under Threat Part 2: Private MRI clinics are a bad idea
Description: 2-page illustrated leaflet clearly explaining the risk to Canada's public health care system of allowing the privatization of MRI clinics.
Date: 2003

Bulldozing human rights: How corporate globalization threatens human rights
Description: 20-page illustrated booklet. Released for the first time at the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, this resource takes a detailed look at the violation of human rights that many of us didn't even know existed: our economic, social, and cultural rights. The more people who know about and claim these rights, the less governments and transnational coporations will be able to ignore them in their drive to globalize the economy.
Date: 2001

Free Trade...Trampling on Our Rights
Description: A 16-page visual presentation kit for educational workshops on free trade issues.
Published by: Canadian Auto Workers
Date: 2000

Behind the Label: Exposing Injustice in the Global Apparel Industry
Description: Illustrated eduactional poster showing the exploitation at the heart of the global fashion and apparel industry, from the corporate boardroom, to the domestic and overseas sweatshops, to the department store shelves.
Published by: Ten Days for Global Justice
Date: 1997

Ontario's Food Story: An Introduction to Food Security Issues
Description: This is a 28-page, fully illustrated booklet produced in 1995 for the Ontario Public Health Association Food Security Working Group. The booklet introduces readers to a critical look at the factors affecting people's food security, from issues of poverty, to the unsustainability of industrial-scale agriculture, to nutrition and life-style issues affecting our health. Unfortunately, this resource was pulled from distribution after lobbying by a powerful agribusiness association which was unhappy with the suggestion that industrial-scale agriculture might be environmentally unsustainable.
Published by: Ontario Public Health Association Food Security Working Group
Date: 1995

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