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Welcome to my new labour and social justice cartoon image bank!
Here you will find some of the illustrations I have done in recent years on a broad range of topics loosely relating to labour, social justice, economic justice and economic literacy. Many of these graphics come from the various illustrated educational materials I have produced over the years (which you can find here). I will be continually adding graphics to the collection whenever I can.
If you'd like to publish any of the illustrations here, please contact me directly (sorry, I don't have a "shopping cart" system set up yet). Tell me the name of the illustration and describe the media in which you want to use it, and I'll get back to you with a quote as soon as I can. To enlarge a graphic and find out its title and other details, click on the thumbnails.

Free trade / globalization / corporate rule / privatization & deregulation

Grassroots organizing / activism / movements / democracy building

Poverty / unemployment / growing wealth and income gap

Labour movement / unions / work

Responsible government / corporate regulation / fair taxation

Women's issues / women at work / gender equality

health care / education / public services / environment

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